2016 Reading Challenge · Meditations

Three Months and Three Books Later

Now that I have some perspective, perhaps a book a week was slightly ambitious. At this point I should have nine books under my belt. I have three. 

This isn’t unexpected. I’m two months away from finishing my bachelor’s degree and I knew that I would be busy wrapping up. I’ve adjusted my book list slightly to show where I’m at currently. The six books from the end of January and February that I didn’t get to are now titled “Misc.” I still plan on reading them and when I get some extra time, I’ll fit them in.

Even though I’m not far in my challenge at all, I’ve found that it’s been a lot more fun than I thought. Looking for books with my specific criteria is like a scavenger hunt, scouring for authors I haven’t seen before. And I can’t even begin to describe the thrill of discovering new voices. It’s a little like going on a blind date. You aren’t sure what kind of person you’re going to meet and it’s just a little bit exciting. I haven’t a bad book date yet, so I’m eager to encounter all of the new voices I’m about to meet.

What I wish I was doing. (Photo from The Candid Cover)

One thought on “Three Months and Three Books Later

  1. Love your reading challenge – and completely understand how unfair it is to not be able to read MORE books. I constantly wish I could read faster; there are so many books out there, waiting to be devoured!

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