2016 Reading Challenge · Book Reviews

The Killer in Me

This book hadn’t been on my radar at all. As I’ve stated before, YA isn’t my go-to genre. I’ve spent the summer interning with literary agent Jessica Sinsheimer and she kept raving about this book. So I cracked the spine and it reshaped the way I think about YA literature and thrillers specifically.

26095500Nina Barrows sees the Thief in her dreams. She sees him kill and dump bodies and never get caught. Frustrated with being passive, Nina finally decides to do something about it. She and her former best friend Warren drive to New Mexico to stop him in his tracks. Yet when Nina finally meets the Thief face-to-face, she wonders if everything she thought she knew was true.

It was the premise of THE KILLER IN ME that grabbed my attention and Margot Harrison’s writing that pushed me through the book in under 12 hours. After reading the first two pages, I knew that the book was going to consume all of my time. When I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it. I haven’t been this enthralled by a book all year.

THE KILLER IN ME is everything that I wanted out of THE GOOD GIRL. Nina is strong. She’s chasing down this killer because she thinks that what he is doing is wrong and it’s up to her to stop it. Romantic elements are subplots, not the focus. Nina’s choices are made without the influence of a man. Sure, there are complicated male relationships. But Nina makes her own destiny. She decides what holds power over her. Nina is so remarkably refreshing.

When I decided to read more diversely, I wanted to find characters that are so often weak rise up and be the powerful people I always knew they could be. I wanted to find more characters like Nina.


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