2016 Reading Challenge · Book Reviews

Breaking Challenges and Leaving Books

I don’t typically abandon books, unless the writing is absolutely horrible. I try to stick with most of what I start. The last book I remember abandoing was James Joyce’s ULYSSES, because I am weak and Joyce broke me after 100 pages. I started reading Orhan Pamuk’s STRANGENESS IN MY MIND a few weeks ago and… Continue reading Breaking Challenges and Leaving Books

2016 Reading Challenge · Book Reviews

The Vegetarian

THE VEGETARIAN by Han Kang won the International Man Booker Prize this year and prompted my desire to read through the shortlist this month. I still had two more books to tackle before this one, however, the smooth matte red cover seduced me and I plowed through the short novel in 48 hours. While THE… Continue reading The Vegetarian

2016 Reading Challenge · Book Reviews

A General Theory of Oblivion

When the Man Booker International Prize was announced in mid-May, I knew that this summer I wanted to read through the shortlist, which is how I discovered the wonder of José Eduardo Agualusa’s A GENERAL THEORY OF OBLIVION. The novel examines the life of the agoraphobic Ludo, who bricks herself into an apartment for the… Continue reading A General Theory of Oblivion

2016 Reading Challenge · Book Reviews

An Ember in the Ashes

Sabaa Tahir wins the award of being the only YA author to make it on to my list. I read a significant amount of YA in high school and early into my time at college. As I become more widely read, my tastes began veering into literary fiction and thrillers, so YA dropped by the… Continue reading An Ember in the Ashes

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Learning to Read Slowly

I completed my undergraduate degree a few weeks ago. In the chaos of the past months, I haven’t had any consistent time to read. I just started carrying my book with me everywhere, grabbing a few pages whenever I could—at breakfast before class, in-between classes, in a waiting room, before meetings. I snatched up the words… Continue reading Learning to Read Slowly

2016 Reading Challenge · Book Reviews

The Stranger Beside Me

I think it’s only fitting that I read this book right after The Empathy Exams. While I hadn’t thought about it, reading a book about one of America’s most prolific killers would test my new knowledge of empathy. The Stranger Beside Me is Ann Rule’s account of her encounters with notorious serial killer Ted Bundy. The two met… Continue reading The Stranger Beside Me